To enjoy a complete Ghana West Coast experience, book a home stay with a local family at a moderate fee that includes two meals per day (prepared upon request). Thisgives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine,participate in local activities, pick up a few words in the local language, and experience the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality at its best.
Ghana West Coast has a wide range of accommodation facilities, from home stays to luxury chalets, and everything in between, including campsites, budget hotels, guesthouses, rooms on stilts, eco-lodges, and forts. Most of these facilities serve meals, and some include breakfast in the room rate. The majority of accommodation establishments require cash payment, as few have the facilities for credit card payments. Prices range from GH¢5 to GH¢347. Some accommodation establishments give discounts to volunteers who are working in the area.

Visit each community’s web page, for a list of privately operated accommodation establishments and home stays.










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