Agro Tourism

Fancy a guided visit to a plantation or farm where the local people daily engage in traditional livelihood activities .Would you like to experience processes like the tapping of palm wine, distilling gin from palm wine, extraction of coconut oil, making of traditional soap, or production of handicrafts?

Ghana West Coast offers unique guided tours through plantations and vegetable farms. You may choose from a range of plantations of oil palm, coconut palm, rubber and cocoa; or crop farms of corn, cassava, sugarcane, pineapple, tomatoes and pepper, among others.

You will enjoy hiking, cycling or boating to your preferred agro-tourism site, amid striking landscapes and views. Depending on the time of day, there is a chance of sighting a variety of birds, monkeys and reptiles.

Once you arrive at any of the agro-tourism sites, you will discover:

- The reasons why that particular plantation or farm was created
- What is produced there
- How it is cultivated
- How the produce is harvested
- How the produce is processed, preserved, and sold
- How much profit is made
- The sources of finance and technical support for farmers

At the end of each tour, the farmers will show you their traditional tools, and a hand-made selection of these tools will be available for purchase. A selection of produce will also be on sale. For those who are interested, there will even be an opportunity to join the local community to cook and eat a traditional meal!







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