As one of the fastest growing sectors in Ghana’s economy, tourism holds many attractions for investors. In Ghana West Coast, opportunities include:

  • conversion of forts on the Atlantic Coast into inns;
  • beach, lake and river resort development (including water sports and game fishing);
  • development of lodges and national parks;
  • provision of complete adventure/ecotourism packages for domestic and West African markets; and
  • provision of rest stops on key excursion routes.

Ghana’s tourism sector is expected to grow at an average rate of 4.1% per annum over the next two decades, driven largely by the diversity of the country’s tourism offerings and the warmth of her people.

According to Ghana’s National Tourism Marketing Strategy 2009-2012, the primary objective is to attract one million visitors to Ghana by mid-2012, mainly from the UK, Germany, the United States (African-Americans) and Nigeria, but also from Ghanaians living abroad, as well as Ghanaians and expatriates living in Ghana.

Ghana has unique historical, cultural and natural attractions. Centrally located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ghana has a total land area of about 238,540 square km and a 540 km picturesque coastline. In addition to being home to many historical landmarks and natural attractions, Ghana enjoys the unique status of being the most frequent initial point of entry for westerners visiting Africa for the first time.

Investment benefits include 100% foreign ownership of local companies and joint-venture operations. The minimum required equity for foreign investment in a joint-venture is US$10,000. The amount for enterprises wholly-owned by non-Ghanaians is US$ 50,000.

Other benefits include:

· Incentives with regards to import duties, customs, guarantees of transfer of profits and dividends;
· A five-year tax holiday;
· Availability of banking and non-banking institutions, management company, and Ghana Leasing Company;
· Protection under the Ghana Investment Promotion Act, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement, and other bilateral and multilateral agreements.


Click here to visit the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

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