The beauty of Busua lies in its long sandy beach, its compact size, its popularity with tourists, its distinctive hotels, and its proximity to Butre and Dixcove.

Busua is a small and quaint town, and it has a different feel from the other towns and villages of Ghana West Coast. Busua is very touristic – and the town has been so for a long time. Compared to the rest of Ghana West Coast, Busua is quite well developed for a community its size.
Busua is situated 30km from Takoradi, sandwiched between Butre and Dixcove. It boasts of a variety of hotel accommodation, small seafood restaurants, and a long sandy beach that is clean and safe for swimming and other water sports. In fact, Busua is considered one of the safest places along the Atlantic coast for water sports, and it seems to be one of the hotspots for surfing: there is even a ‘Black Star Surf Club’ at the beach.
Local shops are available for purchasing souvenirs, renting surfboards, and renting bicycles. The town roads are well suited for cycling. Busua has several well-trained local tour guides: you can contact a guide at Busua’s tourist information centre.


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  • Take a stroll through the quaint little seaside town of Busua. With a tour guide, you can tour the town, as well as witness and experience the culture of the Ahanta ethnic group.
  • Enjoy swimming, surfing, body boarding and jet skiing on the beach. The Black Star Surf Shop (http://ww.blackstarsurfshop.com) offers surfing equipment, accessories and lessons.
  • With a tour guide, take a boat trip on Nana Busua Lagoon, which lies between Busua and Dixcove.
  • If you are interested in sea adventure, your tour guide can help organize a trip to the deserted Abokaw Island (5 km from the coast) on a traditional fishing canoe.
  • With a tour guide, take a short 3 km hike to Butre by walking along the beach and climbing a steep hill which offers an excellent view over the beaches of Busua.
  • You can also cycle on a rented bicycle to Butre. Depending on how often you stop, it is about an hour’s ride through forest, farmlands, and remote villages. You will have the opportunity to interact with some village folk. Look out for birds, and wild squirrels crossing the road!
  • With a tour guide, take a short 20-minute hike (or ride on a rented bicycle) to Dixcove, on a sheltered footpath that leads straight to Fort Metal Cross. It is advisable to hire a trained guide who will give you information on vegetation, water bodies, human activities, and any other information you may require. You will find yourself in palm plantations, where you might be fortunate to see palm wine being tapped (and if you meet the tapper, you may be able to sample some of his produce!).
  • If you are feeling very adventurous, you can go on a fishing expedition with local fishermen. On any day apart from Tuesday, you can join the experienced fishermen in their colourful dugout canoes powered by outboard motors. Out at sea, you might see flying fish jumping out of the waves, and between September and December, you might even spot dolphins or small groups of whales. Feel free to help the crew draw in their nets, and end your day by eating a meal on the beach, made from the catch of the day.

* To book a place on any tour, please register with the Town Tourism Development Committee.



When in Busua, do as the people in Busua do... How about a tasty dish of lobster, tuna, barracuda, shrimps, or other seafood? In Busua town, there are several seafood and pancake restaurants and bars dotted along the beach. All the hotels serve food, with Busua Inn specialising in seafood and French cuisine. Local dishes are available in the town, upon request. However, you may have to ‘book’ your meal in advance, so that your food will be ready when you want it. Meals are also available at the home stays.
Busua has a pool of high class, international standard hotels with a local touch, along with budget accommodation and home stays. All the hotel accommodation and restaurants in Busua lie along an approximately 500m stretch of road running between the small roundabout at the minibus (tro-tro) station and Busua Beach Resort. The first hotel you will see is the double-storey Dadson’s Lodge, which provides decent rooms (either self-contained or with clean shared facilities) at low prices. There is a nice atmosphere in the ground floor bar, where food is also served. Behind Dadson’s Lodge is Busua Inn with its self-contained rooms (with fans or air conditioners).

Alaska Beach Club boasts of the best location of all the budget lodgings. It has on offer traditional thatched accommodation with communal showers, which is a delight for many. There are also reasonably priced self-contained rooms. You can camp in the grounds for a moderate fee, and you can use the communal showers. Good food and drinks are available.

African Rainbow Resort is a family-run three-storey structure found opposite Alaska. From its rooftop terrace, you will have the best view of the sea and the small island that lies 700 metres off the beach. The African Rainbow has air-conditioned rooms, and the food is good. The hotel also has a well-stocked craft shop.

The plush Busua Beach Resort, positioned right on the beach, is of international standard. It has attractive landscaped grounds, several swimming pools, children’s playground, conference facilities, and a good restaurant that is open to visitors staying anywhere. It has exquisitely furnished single rooms, double rooms and suites, and it also has a few budget rooms on offer.

Although there is a wide range of hotels to choose from in Busua, there are not many in each category. It may therefore be wise to book your accommodation in advance of your arrival in the town.


African Rainbow Resort, www.africanrainbowresort.com

Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 6.00 – 12.00
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        12.00 - 27.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 9.00 – 13.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.00 – 27.00
Remark(s) Breakfast part of accommodation package. External guests must pay for breakfast
Room Range Single and double
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
70 - 115


Alaska Beach Hotel, www.alaskabeachclub.com

Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 4.00 – 8.00
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        4.00 – 16.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 4.00 – 10.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.50 – 25.00
Room Range Ensuite single room, one-bed hut, two double-bed hut
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
15 – 30

Hotel/Lodge Bliss Joy Home Stay, Tel: 020 888 5154S
Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 1.50 – 2.50
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        4.50 – 6.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 4.50 - 6.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.00 – 2.00
Remark(s) Only non-alcoholic drinks sold here
Room Range Home stay


Busua Beach Resort, www.gbhghana.com

Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        15.00 – 25.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 10.00 – 16.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.50 – 60.00
Remark(s) Breakfast part of accommodation package
Room Range Budget, single, double, suite
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
30 - 125

Hotel/Lodge Busua Inn, http://www.busuainn.com
Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        2.50 – 7.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 8.00 - 12.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.30 – 25.00
Remark(s) Breakfast part of accommodation package; only continental dishes available
Room Range Twin bed
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
23 – 57


Dadson’s Lodge, Tel: 020 742 9689, 024 494 7326

Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 1.00 – 6.00
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        5.00 – 25.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 4.00 – 10.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.50 - 20.00
Remark(s) Provides only room accommodation; meals can be prepared upon request
Room Range Single, double, and extra large
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
15 – 30


La Bonita Hotel, Tel: 031 91532, 027 930 1320, 054 289 0773, 020 324 5370
Agona Nkwanta (15 minutes from Busua)

Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 2.50 – 4.50
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        7.00 – 8.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 7.00 – 8.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.00 - 25.00
Remarks Mostly part of the accommodation package
Room Range Ensuite single, standard and executive
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
30 - 60

Hotel/Lodge Okorye Tree Restaurant, Busua
Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 1.30 – 6.50
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        4.00 – 8.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 4.00 - 6.50
Drinks/Beverages 1.50 – 12.00

Hotel/Lodge Sabina Guest House, Tel: 0248 606 639, 0245 990 677 Busua
Meals & Drinks Price Range (GH¢)*
Breakfast 3.50 - 5.00
Lunch/Dinner (Continental)        6.00 – 12.00
Lunch/Dinner (Ghanaian) 6.00 – 12.00
Drinks/Beverages 1.00 – 12.00
Remarks Food prepared upon request
Room Range 5 budget self-contained rooms
Room Rates
(GH¢ per night)*
8 - 15

*Prices as at September 2009


By private vehicle:
From Takoradi, follow the signs to Elubo. About 25 minutes from Takoradi, you will get to Agona. At Agona roundabout, take the left turn. After 15 minutes, you’ll see a junction on the left, with a lot of signboards for hotels in Busua and Butre. Turn left at that junction, and drive straight for 5 minutes, until you get to Busua.

By public transport:
At Takoradi, go to West End (near Tarkwa station, by the STC bus terminal), or go the Goil petrol station at Kwame Nkrumah Roundabout (also known as ‘Agip’ roundabout). Take a minibus (‘called tro-tro’) to Agona. At Agona, there are regular tro-tros and taxis to Busua.


  1. Busua has about 800 inhabitants.
  2. The name Busua means ‘I have overcome you’.
  3. The people of Busua are mostly farmers, their main crops being cassava, plantain, tomatoes and pepper.








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